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Laura made her Broadway Debut as Glinda in Wicked, where she performed to sold out audiences. She was a cast member of Wicked for 5 years, during which time she became an active volunteer for The Ronald McDonald House in NYC. This very special organization inspired Laura to write Children's Books. She has written 2 books to date. 

Laura has performed across the country and across the globe. She has worked on Broadway, Off Broadway, National Tours & Regional Theatres in both musicals and plays.

She enjoys singing everything from opera to country. 

Laura is a guest soloist with Wicked Diva's Symphony Orchesra Concerts. She has also toured with country music legend, Kenny Rogers!!!


Recently, Laura also became a published photographer. Her story, and her photographs are featured in the magazine Exit Zero. 







Baptized By Desire~ Feature Film 


                Melanie Norton 

           In THE US PREMIER OF 




With Hal Linden and Mark Jacoby in Grumpy Old Men at Ogunquit Playhouse 

The residents of WABASHA! #lifeisallabou
Melanie Norton in Grumpy Old Men
Heading 5
The Marvelous Wonderettes - Kirk Theatre NYC


Noises Off ~ Pittsburgh Public Theatre



Pittsburgh Public Theatre~ 
"Laura Woyasz steals the show as Brooke, a dim witted actress who does hilariously bad movements (it's hysterical to watch Woyasz move at any time) and never breaks from the script, even when things don't make sense."  -Icrow
"Woyasz has one of the most difficult roles. Her character Brooke Ashton, is a dimwit, and Woyasz has to convince the audience that her character is inept and untalented. The real life girl is anything but. Woyasz is a shining STAR playing a dim bulb."  -Burgh Vivant
"Human Barbie, and funny lady Laura Woyasz, seen recently on Broadway as Wicked's Glinda is seen mostly in her underwear. Ms. Woyasz's wooden movements are a scream!"
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"Laura Woyasz masterfully played Brooke Ashton. Ashton was hilariously terrible, and all while in her underwear."  -Pittsburgh Collective
Shaker Bridge Theatre~
**REVIEWS** (N.Smith- Valley News)
"Woyasz bursts onstage with the physical comedy of a Judy Holliday, or Goldie Hawn, exuding ditziness likeability."
"She is dynamic onstage, deft at comedy, and commanding in the moments that call for volitile toughness." 
"Woyasz balances sensuality with laughter and vulnerability with control. The air is taut with erotic tension, of gratification delayed."
"As Thomas and Vanda act out this play, with Vanda coaxing and flattering him, the balance of power shifts. Woyasz who has been comically self depricating, and charmingly flirtatious, begings to exert intellectual dependence."
Glinda on Broadway. Xmas Bear. 
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